Chandigarh Sports Council is a statutory body and was constituted on 1st July, 1984. The main object to constitute the committee is for financial assistance for the holding of State, National and International tournaments to the Sports Associations which are duly recognized by the National Federation / Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Sports Council itself and also organizing National /International matches itself. Its also extend the cash awards to the sports persons for the International tournament and also extending financial assistance to the sports person representing U.T. Chandigarh in the different International recognized tournaments. Its also undertake and implement the schemes relating to the development of sports in U.T. Chandigarh.

The constitution of Chandigarh Sports Council is added below at Flag ‘C’ for the ready reference.

The following are the office bearers of the Chandigarh Sports Council:-

  • President -Advisor to the Administrator, U.T. Chandigarh.
  • Vice-President -Secretary Finance & Sports, U.T. Chandigarh.
  • Member Secretary -Director Sport, U.T. Chandigarh.
  • Jt. Secretary -Joint Director Sports, U.T. Chandigarh.

The Chandigarh Sports Council has started Chandigarh Girls Hockey Academy and Chandigarh Cricket Academy having strength of 24 trainees in each discipline. Council is already successfully running Chandigarh Football and Hockey Academy having 90 inmates. In the Academy all facilities have been provided to the players on all free basis. In the month of May 2007, 12 Football players alongwith Joint Director Sports and Football Coach visited Germany for advance coaching in Football.

No. DS-UT-CSC-84/86-110 - With the creation of the Sports Authority of India, its new policies for financial assistance to the State Sports Councils and with the coming up of the Directorate of Sports as an apex body to control, supervise and direct the activities with regard to the development of sports in Union Territory of Chandigarh, the concept of Chandigarh Sports Council has undergone some change and consequently, it has been found necessary to revise its constitution.

Accordingly, in supersession of all previous notifications,. The Chief Commissioner, Union Territory, Chandigarh is pleased to re-constitute the Chandigarh Sports Council with effect from the date of notification. Its Constitution, Membership and Scope of activities shall be as follows :-


The Headquarters of the Chandigarh Sports council shall be at Chandigarh.


In this notification, unless context otherwise, requires:-

  • "Administration" means the Union Territory Administration, Chandigarh.
  • "Council" means the Chandigarh Sports Council.
  • "Sports Bodies" means sports associations/clubs duly recognized by the Chandigarh Sports Council.
  • President, Vice President, Member Secretary and Joint Secretary means the President, Vice-President, Member Secretary and Joint Secretary of the Council respectively.
  • "Year" means Financial Year April to March.
  • "Executive Committee" means Executive Committee of the Chandigarh Sports Council.

Scope & functions

  • The Chandigarh Sports Council hereinafter call the Council shall advise the administration on matters connected with development of Sports.
  • Grant recognition to Sports Associations and to extend financial and other assistance as per rules framed from time to time for the purpose.
  • Act as liaison between the Directorate of Sports, the Sports Bodies and Gram Panchayats for the construction of stadia
  • Avail of financial assistance on behalf of Union Territory Administration in the Sports Department from the Government of India under various schemes as promulgated from time to time.
  • Run such schemes on behalf of the Directorate of Sports as may be entrusted to the Council from time to time;
  • Arrange matches/tournaments/competitions of foreign teams visiting the Union Territory, Chandigarh for raising funds;
  • Look after the welfare of the Sportsmen/women and to provide necessary monetary assistance to them;
  • Grant financial aid to selected sportsmen/women/coaches/manager/veterans for recognized international competitions, duly sponsored by the Government of India, Ministry of Sports.
  • Confer awards on coaches for their performance inn producing players of National/International repute;
  • Employ coaches on contract basis;
  • Any other function which the President may direct the Council to perform;
  • To undertake and implement schemes relating to development of sports.

Composition of the Council

The Council shall consist of the following members:-

(a) Office Bearers

President Advisor to the Administration/Chief Commissioner, Chandigarh Administration.
Vice President Finance & Sports Secretary, Chandigarh Administration.
Member Secretary Director Sports, Chandigarh Administration.
Joint Secretary  Joint director Sports, Chandigarh Administration
AC (F&A) Assistant Controller (Finance & Accounts)

(b) Member Ex Office

  • Home Secretary, Chandigarh Administration.
  • Vice-chancellor, Punjab University, Chandigarh.
  • Inspector-General of Police, U.T. Chandigarh.
  • Deputy Commissioner, U.T. Chandigarh.
  • President, Chandigarh Olympic Association, Chandigarh.
  • Executive Magistrate, UT Chandigarh.
  • Director, Public Instruction (s), Chandigarh Administration.
  • Chief Architect, Chandigarh Administration.
  • Chief Engineer, Chandigarh Administration.

(c) Nominated Members (To be nominated by the Chief Commissioner, Chandigarh Administration)

  • Six persons having knowledge, standing and experience of Sports.
  • Two Sports journalists.
  • Member parliament representing Union Territory of Chandigarh.

(d) Special Invites (To be invited by the President for every meeting of the Council-maximum three)


  • Tenure of the members of the Chandigarh Sports Council shall be 3 years w.e.f. the date of notification. The tenure of the office bearers and the Ex Officio members shall continue as such, so long as they hold offices by virtue of which they are members/office bearers of the Council.
  • The nominated members shall hold office during the pleasure of nominating authority.


  • The Council shall hold at least two meetings in a year.
  • The meeting shall be called by the Member-Secretary with prior approval of the president.
  • Ordinarily seven day's notice will be given for meeting but an emergent meeting may be called at any time.


  • President of the Council shall preside over the meetings and in the absence of the President, vice President shall preside and discharge such other functions as the president may entrust to him.


  • Would constitute 1/3rd of members.

Executive Committee

To facilitate the disposal of work of the Council, there shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the following:-

President Advisor to the administrator/Chief Commissioner.
Vice President Finance & Sports Secretary
Member Deputy/Joint Secretary, finance
Member Director, Public Instructions (SP)
Secretary Director, sports (convenor)
Non official members Two  

The Executive Committee shall take decision on behalf of the council and shall bring to the notice of the council at its next meeting.


  • The Executive Committee shall meet as often as necessary.


  • The Council Executive Committee may set up Sub-committees for specific purposes as may be considered necessary.

Office Staff

To carry out the multifarious activities of the Chandigarh Sports Council and release financial assistance for various projects from the Government of India, the office would be run by the following:-

Name of the Post No of posts
Sr,Accountant One
Assistant One
Steno typist One
Clerk Five
Driver One
Peons Three

The Executive Committee of the Chandigarh Sports Council shall be competent to create as many as posts as are considered necessary for the running of the office and also appoint the officials against such posts.

Sources of Income

The Council funds shall inter alia comprise:-

  • Grant-in-aid from the Chandigarh Administration/other State Government/government of India and Sports Authority of India.
  • Collections from tournaments and exhibition matches.
  • Contributions from local bodies and educational institutions (school and colleges) of Chandigarh.
  • Donations.
  • Collections through any other sources which the Council may deem proper.


The Chandigarh Sports Council may grant recognition to the Sports Bodies which fulfill the following conditions:-

  • The Union Territory Sports Associations seeking recognition shall be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and should have continued to function properly to the satisfaction of the Council for at least one year.
  • The Sports Bodies, representing game which are on the Olympic Charter, must have their affiliation with the Chandigarh Olympic Association.
  • Membership should be open to the public.
  • It should undertake to abide by all the rules, decisions and directions of the Chandigarh Sports council issued from time to time.
  • It should submit a report of its activities to the satisfaction of the Council and abide by their regulations within 3 months of the completion of its financial year.
  • The office bearers of the Sports associations/Clubs are not holding the office of more than one Association/Club.
  • The Coach of the Sports Department and coaches from NIS, Patiala, working under Chandigarh Administration cannot hold any office of the Sports Association with prior approval of the Director Sports, Chandigarh Administration.

The mere fact that any Association fulfils the above conditions will not automatically entitle it to recognition. The Chandigarh Sports council shall exercise the right to accord recognition taking into consideration other aspects such as number of tournaments held, training given, participation in National Championships, functioning as regular and democratic body etc. Chandigarh Sports Council reserve to themselves, notwithstanding anything contained in these rules the right to withhold, refuse or withdraw the recognition, at their discretion.

Delegation of Powers, of Framing Rules of Business

  • The Council may delegate any powers to any of the office bearer of the Council as deemed appropriate. Such office bearer may further-delegate his powers to any of the official of the Council, with the prior approval of the Council.
  • Council, may from time to time, frame rules/by-laws for carrying out its activities and for regulating the conduct of its business.


The Chief Commissioner (A.A.) Chandigarh Administration may sue mote or on the advise of the Council revise the constitution as well as the composition of the council as deemed necessary from time to time.

Financial Rules

  • These rules shall be called the Chandigarh Sports Council Financial Rules.
  • These rules shall come into force w.e.f. the date of Notification.
  • These rules shall be administered by the Executive Committee of the Council.
  • Any doubt arising at any time as to the interpretation of rules or their application to a particular case, the matter will be refereed to the Vice President, whose decision shall be final.
  • The council shall have an account in a bank as decided by the executive Committee.
  • The bank account shall be operated by cheques to be signed by the Member Secretary of the Council. During his absence the cheques will be signed by Joint Secretary.
  • Cash books and other registers as required for the proper maintenance of accounts shall be maintained.
  • The funds of the Council shall be utilized for the various purposes detailed in the constitution of the council or for any other purpose prescribed and approved by the Executive Committee.
  • The power to sanction the expenditure without the approval of the Council on any one item at a time shall vest in the following to the extent indicated against each:-
Executive Committee Full Powers Subject to the condition that the provision has been made in the approved budget of Council. In other cases, financial powers will be upto Rs. 10, lacs at a time on any one item.
President Rs. 4,00,000/-


Vice-President Rs. 100,000/-


Member-Secretary Rs. 50,000/-


Joint Secretary Rs, 20,000/-


  • The General Annual Statement of Income and Expenditure prepared by the Secretary and duly audited by charted Accountant shall be placed before the Council in the first meeting that may be held after the commencement of the next financial year.
  • The accounts of the Council shall be audited by the Chartered Accountant yearly. The appointment and audit fee of the Chartered Accountant shall be approved by the Executive Committee.

The Chandigarh Sports Council may sanction financial assistance to the eligible sports bodies for the following purposes:-

  • Holding of a Annual State Championships.
  • Participation in National, International, Asian, Olympic and World Test matches.
  • Holding of zonal, National or International competitions.

Terms and conditions for financial assistance

The financial assistance will be granted subject to the following conditions. :-

  • Only those sports bodies which are affiliated to the Chandigarh Olympic Association or which have been duly recognized by the Chandigarh Sports Council shall be eligible to financial assistance from the Chandigarh Sports Council.
  • The grantee shall submit the Utilization certificate supported by the Income and Expenditure statement duly signed by the chartered accountant to the Secretary of the Council within one year of the sanction of the grant.
  • The records/accounts of such sports associations shall be opened to inspection by an authorized representative of the Council.
  • The rules and regulations regarding the items of expenditure as determined by the Council from time to time shall be observed by such Sports Associations.
  • The amount of grant sanctioned may be advanced in one or more installments.
  • A representative of the Council shall be invited by the Sports Association to attend their Executive Committee meetings and General Body meetings, particularly election meetings.
  • A representative of the Council may attend State Championships or other competitions/tournaments, for which the grants is sought as an observer.
  • A representative of the council/Sports Department, shall be associate with the selection of teams participating in the National/International Championships.
  • A copy of the constitution of each association to be supplied to Chandigarh Sports Council.
  • Application for financial assistance by the Sports bodies should be accompanied with the list of selected players.

Contingent Expenditure

There would be a provision for contingency expenditure and the power to sanction any one item at a time vest in the following to the extent indicated against each:-

Executive Committee Full Powers
President Rs. 50,000
Vice president Rs. 30,000
Member Secretary Rs. 20,000
Joint Secretary Rs. 5,000
(f) AC (F&A) 1




Chandigarh sports Council is a statutory body and was notified on 01st July, 1984 vide No. DS-UT-CSC-84/86-110 with the creation of the Sports Authority of India, its new policies for financial assistance to the State Sports Councils and with the coming of the Directorate of Sports as an apex body to control , supervise and direct the activities with regard to the development of sports in union Territory of Chandigarh.

  • Schemes of Chandigarh Sports Council
  • Extending financial assistance to the Sports Persons representing U.T. Chandigarh in the different International recognized tournaments by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, GOI, New Delhi.

Employing coaches on contractual basis for the running of coaching centres of the Sports Department in Schools and Colleges.

Organizing National/ International matches and extending financial assistance for the holding of State, National & International Tournaments to the Sports Associations, which are duly recognized by the National Federation/ Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports and Sports Council itself. Extending financial assistance to the Gram Panchayats for the holding of Rural Sports Tournaments. Extending cash awards to the Sports persons for the International Tournament which are recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India, New Delhi and where atleast 07 countries took part.

Sports persons, who achieve 01st three positions at the National level are also honoured.


  • Grant in aid from Sports Department Chandigarh Administration Rs. 50 lakh (Request for enhancement of grant to Rs. 75 lakh has been sent and Sports department has forwarded the same in R.E. of this financial year 2006-07)
  • Interest of Fixed Deposits Rs. 09 lakh


Grant in aid to Sports Association/Individuals  Rs. 22.00 lakh
Salary and Establishment  Rs. 40.00 lakh
Camps and Tournament  Rs. 02.50 lakh
Sports Equipment  Rs. 01.50 lakh
Telephone and Fax  Rs. 01.25 lakh
Misc  Rs. 02.50 lakh
Printing & Stationery  Rs. 0.50 lakh
Computer and peripherals  Rs. 01.00 lakh
Vehicles expenditure  Rs. 03.50 lakh
Cash Awards  Rs. 04.00 lakh
C.F.H.A.  Rs. 7.00 lakh
Uniform & Kit  Rs. 1.00 lakh
Squash Academy/courts  Rs. 7.00 lakh
Furniture and fixture  Rs. 0.75 lakh
Total  Rs. 94.50 lakh

Financial Resources

The expenditure being incurred on the running of CFHA has been from the following resources:-

Provision in the budget during the financial year 2006-07 Rs. 55.50 Lakh

Details of Expenditure.

From Revenue Head.

  • Annual expenditure on diet and refreshment. @ Rs. 80/- (for 88 players plus 02 officials attached with the Academy) per day = 7680/- One year Rs. 7680 x 365 Rs. 26,28,000/-
  • Sports Equipments for one year Equipments, Kit, Shoes etc. @ Rs. 15,000/- per inmate Rs. 13,20,000/-Per annum. Misc. Excursions, Audio Video aids, utensil washing charges etc. Rs. 6,00,000

From CFHA Funds

  • Annual expenditure of Staff, Tutor & Tournaments special diet during tour & tournaments & recurring expenditure on medicines, hair cutting, repairs of shoes, sports kit etc. Rs. 8,00,000/-
  • Transportation Rs. 25,000/-

Total Rs. 52,20,000/-


Advisor to the Administrator President
Secretary, Finance and Sports Vice President
Additional Deputy Commissioner-cum-Director Sports Member Secretary
Joint Director Sports Joint Secretary
Home Secretary Member
Commissioner, M.C. Member
Inspector General of Police Member
Deputy Commissioner & D.R.D.P. Member
Joint Secretary Finance Member
Director Public Instructions (Schools) Member
Chief Engineer Member
Chief Architect Member
Vice Chancellor ,Punjab University Member
President, Chandigarh Olympic Association Member
Chandigarh Kayaking and Canoeing Association President
Chandigarh Table Tennis Association President
Chandigarh Women's Hockey Association President
Director Principal, New Public School  


Amateur Athletic Association S. Milkha Singh, President,# 725, Sector 8,Chandigarh Sh. Ravinder Chaudhary, Hony. Secretary,# 1715, Sector 39-B, Chandigarh
Chandigarh Basketball Association Lt. Col Ajit Singh Judge President,# 84, Sector-9 Chandigarh Sh. Jugraj Singh Hony. Secretary# 5449/1, MHC, Manimajra
Chandigarh Baseball Association Sh. Piush Panderwani, IAS, President C/o # 923, Sector -7B, Chandigarh. Sh. Tilak Raj Hony. Secretary# 923, Sector-7, Chandigarh
Chandigarh Badminton Association Sh. P.C. Sethi ,President # 1233, Sec-18C, Chandigarh Sh. T.P.S. Puri, Hony. Secretary,# 6320B, Rajiv Vihar, MHC, Manimajra
Chandigarh Boxing Association Sh. Ashru Ram Talwar, IAS, President, Chandigarh. Prof C.K. Jerath, Hony. Secretary# 3122, Sector-46, Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Amateur Body Building Association Sh. Sunil Walia, President, SCO 62-63, Sector 17,Chandigarh Sh. Arjun Singh, Gen. Secretary, SCO 62-63, Sector-17,Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Cycling Association Sh. S.S. Dhindsa, President,# 504, Sector 11, Chandigarh. Sh. Rakesh Mohindra, Hony. Secretary,# C-80, Sector 14, PU Campus, Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Carrom Association Sh. Harnold Carver, President, St. Stephen Sr. Sec. School, Sector 45,Chandigarh. Sh. Arun Sekhri,Hony. Secretary,# 686, Sector-10,Panchkula (Har)
Chandigarh Chess Association Sh. A.S. Saxena, President, C/o Sh. Bipnesh Bhardwaj # 61, Sector 11, Chandigarh. Dr. Bipnesh Bhardwaj, Hony. Secretary,# 61, Sector-11, Chandigarh
Chandigarh Football Association Sh. Ravinder Talwar,President,DAV Sr. Sec. School,Sector 8, Chandigarh Sh. Rakesh Bakshi, Hony. Secretary,# 3039, Sector 21Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Gymnastic Association Sh. Jaspal Singh Kadian ,President,# 18, Sector-4, Chandigarh Sh. S.S. Budhwar, Hony. Secretary,# 2135, Sector 38, Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Golf Association Sh. Paruthi,President, Chandigarh Sh. C.S.R. Reddy, IPS, Hony. Secretary,# 26, Sector-39, Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Handball Association Sh. R.P. Garg,President,# 1832, Sector 34, Chandigarh. Sh. Rahul Talwar, Hony. Gen. Secretary, DAV School Premises, Sector 8, Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Hockey Association Sh. Chander Shekhar, IPS,President,ADGP, Punjab, Sh. Y.P. Vohra, Hony. Secretary,# 786, Sector 16, Panchkula
Amateur Judo Association Sh. S. Chattopadhyaya, IPS,President,# 5467/1 MHC, Manimajra Sh. N.S. Thakur, Gen. Secretary,# 443, Sec-7 or 182/53, Industrial Area-I, Chd
Chandigarh Kho-kho Association Sh. Harjit Singh, IAS,President ,# 3156, Sector 39,Chandigarh Sh. R. Sharan, Hony. Secretary,# 492, Sector 12,Panchkula
Chandigarh Kabaddi Association Sh. S.S. Randhawa, President,# 102, Sector 19A,Chandigarh Prof. Harjinder Singh, Hony. Secretary,# 3324, Sec-24D, Chandigarh
Chandigarh Kayaking and Canoeing Association Sh. D.S. Jaspal, IAS, President,# 542, Sector 16A,Chandigarh. Sh. M.S. Cheema, Hony. Secretary,# 1284, Sector 44-B,Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association Justice S.S. Sodhi, President, CLTA Stadium, Sector 10,Chandigarh. Mr. S.M. Sharma, IPS, Hony. Secretary, CLTA Stadium, Sector-10,Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Olympic Association Sh. Rana Gurmeet Singh Sodhi ,President,# 14, Sector-5,Chandigarh. Sh. Ravinder Talwar, Hony. Secretary, C/o DAV School, Sec-8, Chandigarh
Chandigarh Powerlifting Association Sh. V.K. Bhalla, PCS,President,# 3174, Sector 40,Chandigarh. Sh. H.S. Bansal,Hony. Secretary,# 3174, Sector-40, Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Roller Skating Association Sh. Jagpal Singh, President,# 1215, Sector-34,Chandigarh. Sh. Jagpal Singh, Hony. Secretary,# 1215, Sector 34, Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Rifle Association  Dr. B.C. Gupta, IAS, President, C/O # 138, Sector 19,Chandigarh Sh. Vijay Pal Singh, Hony. Secretary ,# 138, Sector 19, Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Rowing Association Sh. T.C. Gupta IAS (Retd), President,# 451, Sector 6,Panchkula Prof. Parmod Kumar Singla, Hony. Secretary,# 3302, Sector-23D,Panchkula
Chandigarh Softball Association Sh. S.S. Dhillon, IAS, President,# 3438, Sector-24D,Chandigarh. Sh. Rooplal Sharma, Hony. Secretary,# 799, Sector 16, Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Table Tennis Association Sh. Tilak Raj Sharma, President, Shakti Apartment, Sector-14, H.N. 308, Panchkula Sh. Pitanjali, Hony. Secretary,# 72, Sector 15-A, Chandigarh
Chandigarh U.T. Wrestling Association Sh. S.S. Saini, IPS, President, C/O # 852, Sector 17,Panchkula. Sh. Darshan Lal, Hony. Secretary,# 852, Sec 17, Panchkula
Chandigarh Volleyball Association Sh. Som Parkash, IAS, President,C/O # 1104A. Sector 41,Chandigarh. Sh. B.L. Malhotra, Hony. Secretary,# 1104A, Sector 41, Chandigarh.
Chandigarh Weightlifting Association Sh. B.P. Anand, President,# 3174, Sector 40,Chandigarh. Sh. Jasbir Singh, Hony. Secretary,# 3174, Sector-40, Chandigarh
Chandigarh Women Hockey Association Mrs. K Atma Ram, President,# 44, Sector 4,Chandigarh. Dr. J.P.S. Sidhu, Hony,. Secretary,# 360/1, Sector-44, Chandigarh.
North West Zone Special Olympic Mrs. Promila Chander Mohan, Area Director,# 202, Sector 36,Chandigarh. ---


Name of Coach Discipline

Coaching Centre

    Morning Evening
Sh. Sarabjit Singh Skating Skating Rink Sector-10 -do-
Sh. Manjit Singh Basketball Carmel convent School, Sector-9 Sports Complex, Sector-7
Sh. Parmjit Kaur Basketball St Joseph School, Sector-44 St. Javier School, Sector-44
Sh. Achhru Paul Cycling Lake Sports Complex, Sector-6 -do-
Mrs. Kusum Hockey Govt. Model Sr. sec. School- Sector-44B -do-
Sh. Nagesh Gupta Cricket St. John School, Sector-26 -do-
Sh. Tejinder Kumar Sharma (CFHA) Football Football Stadium, Sectror-17 -do-
Sh. Kushwant Singh Squash Yoga Centre, Sector-23 Lake Sports Complex, Sector-6
Sh. Parveen Kumar Lawn Tennis Lake Sports Complex, Sector-6 -do-
Sh. Jitender Sharma Football Hockey Stadium, Sector-42 -do-
Sh. Satish Bhatia Badminton Badminton Hall, sector-42 -do-
Sh. Arvind Saighal Rowing Lake Sports Complex, Sector-6 -do-